Kuwait- Mahmoud Abel to Alanbaa: Two thousand employees will be in Quebec by 2022, and Al-Zour projects will be operating soon


(MENAFN – Al-Anbaa)

  • The expenses rationing committee succeeded in rationalizing 36 million dinars … and we are working hard to develop new plans
  • An agreement with BP and Hanoi to provide an administrative team to provide advice, support and information
  • The company provides the best opportunities to develop the employees joining it and raise it to international levels

The interview was conducted by Ahmed Mughrabi
4 years have passed since the establishment of the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, “Quebec, to occupy a prominent position among the oil sector companies located at the bottom of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. We still remember the day during which the approval of the establishment of this giant entity was issued and the first building block for the transfer of the mega projects represented in the Al-Zour Integrated Oil Complex.” , Which includes a refining complex (Al-Zour Refinery), permanent facilities for importing liquefied natural gas, and a petrochemical complex integrated with the refinery, all located in one geographical location, which helps the company to achieve maximum integration and harmony between these major projects from sharing of infrastructure and exploitation of joint facilities and units And the major and minor products are exchanged with each other.

Today, the company stands today after these few years have passed on the threshold of the new year 2021 and is more confident and optimistic with the start of the operation of the largest Al-Zour refinery in the world with a refining capacity estimated at 615 thousand barrels per day. The executive vice president for financial and administrative affairs in “Quebec Mahmoud Apple” says that the company has achieved Significant achievements in the field of financial performance, human resources and support services during the fourth year of establishment have resulted in a qualitative shift in performance, and according to the recruitment plan and in line with the completion of the company’s projects, we expect the total workforce to reach about 2000 jobs by 2022 to include Al-Zour refinery operations employees And the petrochemical complex and the LNG import facilities.

Apple explains that “integrated petroleum has played a tangible role in the field of community service in the midst of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic to enhance the ability of the Ministry of Health to face the repercussions of the epidemic by developing a new medical center to use as a quarantine for infected cases and to participate with the Kuwait Oil Company in building And equipping the field hospital in the Mishrif area, pointing out that the pandemic demonstrated the high technical progress of integrated petroleum, as it moved to the virtual work environment with great flexibility and smoothness that enabled it to conduct business and hold meetings remotely.

He affirms that “Quebec is characterized by a unique work culture based on strong internal communication and a high commitment to institutional work values ​​and a common work vision. In our next meeting, we learn more about the achievements of the Financial and Administrative Affairs Directorate during the fourth year of establishment, and the details are as follows:”
What are the most prominent achievements that were made during the fourth year of establishment in the financial and administrative affairs sector?
٭ Perhaps the most prominent achievements of the fourth year of establishment embody the depth of the integrated petroleum social responsibility and community service strategy to make more possible for Kuwait. We were privileged to obtain the confidence of the esteemed Cabinet to support the state’s efforts in dealing with the Corona pandemic by constructing the Quebec Medical Center in Al-Zour and cooperating with the Kuwait Oil Company in the construction of the Kuwait Field Hospital in Mishrif.
Integrated Petroleum oversaw the establishment of the Quebec Medical Center at the beginning of this year, which is like an integrated and equipped field hospital with a capacity of 1,700 beds. Quebec has devoted all its resources and efforts to support the efforts of government agencies in facing the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
Work at the center witnessed an accelerated pace and was completed in record time in close coordination with representatives of the Ministry of Health and with tremendous efforts from everyone and under the direct supervision of the CEO of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Hashem Hashem, and the Acting CEO of the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, Hatem Al-Awadi.
All medical equipment was provided according to the requirements and requirements of the Ministry of Health, as the medical center includes an in-house clinic, a medical laboratory, an emergency recovery room, a private landing site for helicopters, a separate private residence for the staff of doctors and nurses, another for nurses, and fully equipped hotel rooms for the center’s guests with 24-hour security service and internet access.
Since the Cabinet Resolution No. 485 was issued to assign the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries to carry out the field hospital work, a working team was formed that included an elite group of Kuwaiti workers from the Integrated Kuwait Oil and Petroleum Company to complete the work, under the supervision and follow-up of the Ministry of Public Health, and in coordination with all Relevant state agencies.
Actually, the works began on April 7, 2020, as Integrated Petroleum took over the civil construction works and technical support equipment, while the Kuwait Oil Company supplied the beds, medical equipment and attached equipment, based on its great experience in managing the Ahmadi Hospital over several decades.
In this context, halls No. 4, 5, 6 and 8 have been equipped and all requirements have been provided to become integrated rooms ready to receive patients with a capacity of about 1243 beds, which is the largest bed capacity for any hospital in Kuwait, while the clinical capacity of the intensive care unit reached 250 beds, which is In turn, the largest capacity at the level of Kuwait, and a special housing building was established for the medical and nursing staff and technical workers.
Has the pandemic affected workflow or caused any disruption or delay?
٭ Although the Corona pandemic affected the entire world and Kuwait, including the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, integrated petroleum has used technology to monitor workflow and use remote work applications, as the transition to a new work reality has been made smoothly and easily thanks to virtual office applications, and it succeeded. Quebec in adapting to the new work reality quickly and creatively, and technology had a fundamental role in this process, especially in enabling our employees who work remotely to stay in constant contact.
A large number of Quebec employees were able to work remotely during partial and total lockdown periods, while we worked diligently to ensure business continuity.

Work on the giant company’s projects has continued without stopping despite the presence of some difficulties that the company and contractors faced as a result of the pandemic, and despite the exceptional circumstances, there has been progress in the progress of the work of the mega projects.
What are your achievements in the field of human resources and recruitment?
٭ The percentage of Kuwaitization in the company reached about 93% until the end of September 2020, and the number of integrated petroleum employees so far has reached 1196 employees, and we look forward to filling available vacancies for the number of 193 through vacancy announcements for fresh graduates with bachelors and diplomas and those with experience through internal transport announcements and advertisements Fresh graduates with foreign experience.
According to the recruitment plan and in line with the completion of the company’s projects, we expect the total workforce to reach about 2,000 jobs by 2022, to include employees of operations for the Al-Zour refinery, petrochemical complex and LNG import facilities.
What measures has the company taken to rationalize spending?
٭ With regard to financial activity, Integrated Petroleum has formed a committee to legalize and rationalize expenditures and maximize revenues, with the aim of setting proposed initiatives to legalize and rationalize expenditures and maximize revenues.

Despite the failure to operate the refinery and the permanent units of the LNG import facilities, and the absence of significant revenues, the company worked hard to put in place many initiatives that contributed to the rationing and rationalization of expenditures during the previous years in order to preserve the company’s financial position and in line with the general policy of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Especially in the current circumstances.
Through the committee, the company was able to legalize and rationalize operating and capital expenditures, which amounted to approximately 36 million dinars, and the company is still working hard to develop rationing and rationalization plans in a manner that does not affect health, safety, environment, business and prospective operation.
During the fourth year, we launched several high-tech projects that showed the rapid and high progress of integrated petroleum in the field of information technology, solutions were applied to manage threats and vulnerabilities for cybersecurity, and a virtual computer service was applied through a smartphone and tablet device, which enables employees to access all the company’s applications authorized for them. From any location outside the company, approving the study of the Manufacture Operations Management System project for managing the operation of the refinery and LNGI, and also implementing the digital plan for Quebec by enabling employees to work remotely at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the exceptional circumstances that the country and the world are going through.
How do you plan to qualify human resources?
٭ Integrated Petroleum has taken upon itself since the announcement of its establishment to provide the best opportunities for professional development for the workers joining it. Therefore, the company seeks to provide the most possible development opportunities for the Kuwaiti workforce and raise them to international levels, especially in the presence of modern and sophisticated processing facilities in the two refinery projects And petrochemicals, which represent unique opportunities for gaining experience and development, in addition to providing the required training courses for each specialty and according to the personal development plans for the employees. The past period witnessed the organization of many workshops and training programs for employees in “Integrated Petroleum, especially for newly appointed ones, to get acquainted with the company’s projects and various work mechanisms as well as Business behavior rules and values.
The company also seeks to overcome challenges and works on concerted efforts to accelerate the operation of the Al-Zour refinery and the permanent units of liquefied gas because of their positive impact and reflection on the financial, economic and environmental situation of beloved Kuwait.
We would like to know more about your training plans to refine the skills of employees to upgrade work tools and the advancement of the company?
٭ In Integrated Petroleum, we have distinguished workers with high skills and varied experience within the family of work, especially that our company has a major and constant trend since its inception aimed at attracting functional competencies, whether from experiences or from our young, recent graduates, and given the importance of the role that our workers play, whether in a stage Establishing the company through building projects and laying down foundations and procedures regulating work or in terms of the prospective operation of establishments, as we have adopted an effective strategy and plans for developing employees.
This extended to the signing of international level agreements with specialized companies related to the oil sector, including the agreement concluded with the British BP company to provide technical services to each of the Al-Zour refinery and permanent facilities to import liquefied gas and the integrated petrochemical complex and a memorandum of understanding with the American company Hanoiel to promote innovative technologies for the operations of the Al-Zour complex. According to the agreement with BP, an administrative team has been provided to provide advice, support, information, best practices and applications for integrated petroleum to ensure the readiness of its assets for the prospective operation and the stability of its operational operations later, and this agreement will also provide specialized technical expertise that can be used if the need arises. This is to achieve operational excellence and raise the efficiency of the desired operations.
A new location for the company in “Ahmadi.”
Mahmoud Abel pointed out that “Quebec has chosen a new location for the company’s headquarters in the city of Ahmadi, but in the current period we will continue to rent offices in the Olympia complex to be a temporary headquarters for the company that includes the main management and support services, as for the technical departments concerned with projects such as the Department of Major Projects and the Department of Operations.” The Department of Maintenance and other related services will continue to be located in the Al-Zour area, and the company has received many buildings in the Al-Zour area from the main contractors, and they have been equipped, furnished, and transported workers to their new workplace according to the established plans.
8 huge contracts in the fourth year
Mahmoud Abel said, “Quebec has made a number of other achievements, represented by the signing of major contracts during the fourth year, which are:
1 – A contract for maintenance services for electricity and precision machinery for Al-Zour Refinery.
2 – Maintenance service contract for Al-Zour Refinery for Sector No. -1 and Sector No. -2.
3 – A contract for the maintenance and support of automatic control devices in Al-Zour Refinery and LNG import facilities.
4 – A contract for leasing transportation.
5 – Contract for the Smart Supply Operations Management Project.
6- A contract for security services for the company’s buildings.
7 – A contract to manage the company’s stores and warehouses.
8 – A service contract for monitoring the state of the rotating equipment for the Al-Zour refinery and the LNG import facilities.
In addition to many other service contracts that were provided by other associate companies, thanks to Integrated Petroleum.

Company projects
Al-Zour Refinery
The Al-Zour refinery will process 615 thousand barrels of crude oil per day to produce high-value petroleum products and low-sulfur fuel oil. The refinery is designed to treat heavy oils with recycling and use of almost all waste water, which can be upgraded to a complete conversion refinery, and the refinery contains the largest 6 Worldwide Atmospheric Distillation Units (ARDS) and High Efficiency Desulfurization Units with 99.9% recovery rate.
LNG import facility
The LNG import project is the first of its kind in Kuwait, to meet the local market’s growing needs for clean fuels (natural gas) to generate electric power, in addition to the needs of other natural gas consumers, such as oil refineries and petrochemical industries. The LNG import facility will be responsible for importing and fumigation. Natural gas, up to 3000 tons of liquefied gas per day, and it is the largest project in terms of storage capacity of liquefied natural gas and its export to the world.
Petrochemical complex
The petrochemical facility will manufacture basic petrochemical products with an annual capacity of 2.761 kilotons per year of aromatic materials and polypropylene, and among the objectives of the project is to increase the value of hydrocarbon products in Kuwait, supply gasoline to the local market, introduce a new product and reach new markets (polypropylene), and increase production Polypropylene in Kuwait and aromatics by 1000% and 200% respectively, as well as supplying the styrene plant with gasoline and maximizing integration with the existing refineries.



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