“Koh Noor” .. The history of the most notorious diamond – thought and art – mirrors


The “Kalima” translation project at the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi issued a translation of the book “Koh Noor: The History of the World’s Worst Reputed Diamond”, by William Darimble and Anita Anand, as it was translated into Arabic by Muhammad Fathy Khidr.

The book lists the history of the most famous jewel in the world, the “Koh Nur” diamond, or the Mountain of Light, and the authors review the early history of the Koh Nur diamond They trace Indian ideas related to diamonds in ancient texts, and review potential observations of the jewel in the Middle Ages and the beginnings of the modern era during the Mughal times, up to its clear appearance in history after its acquisition by Nader Shah, then they continue to tell the story through Iran and Afghanistan to the Punjab, then the disappearance of Koh Nour al-Muqisim..and other stations.



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