Khorshid represents Iran in the Oscars


“Khorshid” (The Sun – 99d), directed by Majid Majidi (61 years old), was chosen to represent Iran in the 93rd edition of the Oscars awards ceremony.On Sunday, the first day, the “Al-Farabi Film Foundation” stated in a statement that “Khorshid” has been chosen to participate in the 2021 edition of the annual event held by the “American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences,” scheduled for April 25th.
The film, which was shown in the official competition of the “Venice International Film Festival” last September, deals with the suffering of children who are forced to work to secure their livelihood and support their families. The tape approaches this issue through a moving story of “Ali” (12 years old) and three of his friends, who are followed by the camera in the streets and subways of Tehran, where they live as easily as possible to help their families.
In a previous interview with “Agence France Presse”, Majidi said that his film is a “denunciation of this social problem that concerns the whole world, not Iran alone,” noting that “152 million children work all over the world according to official statistics.”
In order to implement his cinematic project, the director hired children from the street to play the roles, explaining that he wanted to “show their capabilities and humanity”, noting at the same time that the selection process took “four months, as I interviewed four thousand children.”
It should be noted that Majidi is the first Iranian to accept one of his works (Children of the Sky) in the list of final nominations for one of the Oscars, for the category of best foreign film in 1999.
But Asghar Farhadi is still the only Iranian to win the Oscar, for “Seperation” (2012) and “The Seller” (2017). Knowing that he missed the celebration three years ago, in protest against the decision of the then US president, Donald Trump, to impose a ban on the entry of nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, to the United States.


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