Khaberni site: Ibn Amr Diab raises controversy by drinking alcohol


Khaberni – The picture of Abdullah, the son of the Egyptian artist Amr Diab, sparked a state of controversy among the followers, after he appeared celebrating with his friend, carrying boxes of “Corona beer”, as the followers said.

Although it was not clear where Ibn Amr Diab celebrated, others said that he was in one of the houses, especially since it appeared that there was a group of people with him celebrating on a specific occasion that Abdullah did not reveal.

Ibn al-Hadhba was attacked because of this evening, which included alcoholic drinks and a state of “drunkenness,” as the critics said, which appeared before them on the table, while some blamed him not because he celebrated in this way but because he published the photo, pointing out that such an atmosphere will open doors for him Criticism, which goes without it.

Fans of the plateau asked him to limit his nights without filming if it would cause controversy among the followers, because there are those who take advantage of such situations to attack if it is against him or his father, the artist Amr Diab.

This was not the first time that Abdullah had made a big noise, as he published a picture in which he appeared holding a cigarette in his hand.

This is the first time that Ibn Amr Diab reveals that he is a smoker, which led to the spread of the image quickly, unlike his father, who does not smoke, according to the followers.

Abdullah usually publishes the various photos on his Instagram page, which is followed by 140 thousand people, and he gathers him with his friends on multiple occasions, whether they are trips or with his family, and usually receives wide reactions, especially since he is the son of the Egyptian artist Amr Diab, who is watched by millions with passion.

And Abdullah had previously talked about the impact of his father’s fame by saying: “We were facing greater pressure because of my father’s success during our stay in Egypt. People deal with us in a different way because of his fame, but I do not suffer from that to the same degree in Britain, so it is not important here.”

About his relationship with his two sisters Kenzi and Jana, he said: “My relationship with them is good and we are very understanding, but we are like all siblings sometimes fight, and I cannot say that I and my twin sister Kenzi do not separate, but we are very close to each other, and because Jana is close to our age, we all understand easily.” .

It is noteworthy that Abdullah unveiled his first song, which brings him together with his friends, at the beginning of this year, as the song bore the name “Riot” and it is in English and belongs to the type of “Hip Hop” songs.

The plateau was keen to congratulate him on Instagram, saying: “Congratulations to my son Abdullah and his friends on the first song we will record for them .. Go on, guys.”


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