Judicial defeats continue, and Republican support is shrinking .. What is left for Trump?


About 3 weeks after the US elections and the Democratic candidate obtained 306 electoral college votes, compared to 232 votes for President Donald Trump, Trump has not yet recognized these results and claims that the elections were “stolen” from him.

President Trump and his senior aides continue to claim that Biden’s victory was the result of widespread and systematic fraud by Democrats. However, Trump’s failure to provide any concrete proof of these allegations, with which the Trump campaign lost 33 lawsuits in several states, prompted increased pressure on him from a number of Republican officials.

Trump’s attempt to persuade local Michigan lawmakers to alter election results in their state has also failed.

Yet not many commentators expect senior Republican Party leaders in Congress such as Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican Majority Leader in the Senate or Republican Minority Leader in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, to give up support for Trump before the election for the two Georgia state Senate seats on the 5th of This coming January.

In an editorial, the conservative Wall Street Journal, close to the Republican Party, criticized Trump’s legal team headed by Rudy Giuliani, who said that he and his team were using unfounded conspiracy theories, which prompted judges appointed by Republican presidents to reject more than 30 lawsuits so far. Because of weakness or absence of evidence.

President Trump claims in repeated tweets that he won the presidential elections, which prompted the Twitter platform to place a mark indicating the insincerity of the content of these tweets.

Eleven states have already ratified the results of their presidential elections, while the rest of the states are expected to ratify the results in the coming hours and days, provided that the process of filing appeals before the courts will end before the eighth of next month.

On the 14th of next month, members of the electoral college meet in each state separately to choose the winning candidate, and Trump will not be able to challenge these steps before the courts when the matter reaches that point.

Republican support is shrinking
In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, Bruce Vine, the former assistant justice minister during the reign of Republican President Ronald Reagan, considered that there is a significant decline in the Republican Party’s support for the steps that Trump is taking to change and reverse the results.

The Conservative Republican Representative, Liz Cheney, had joined an increasing number of Republicans who are calling on the president to admit defeat “if he does not have solid evidence of fraud.”

Bruce added that Republican support for Trump is eroding, and said, “The number of Republicans in favor of Trump is small, and most Republicans are silent about their position, but their numbers are decreasing. Supporters hope that Trump will reward them financially by supporting their re-nomination campaigns, or through positions in his future presidency, or By raising money for them. ”

Trump will not admit defeat
Bruce expressed to Al Jazeera Net his conviction that “President Trump will never admit defeat to preserve his fanatic base intact and to create a strong justification for his election campaign in 2024.”

However, Bruce expected that “Trump will leave the White House voluntarily or involuntarily, through the intervention of private guards to evacuate the White House on the middle of January 20, 2021.”

While many commentators see that the image of the United States is shaking globally due to the developments of the presidential election crisis, Bruce considered that “the dozens of legal defeats suffered by Trump are setting very important legal precedents that will make it more difficult to repeat these practices from any presidential candidates in the future”.

On the one hand, Geoffrey Cabaservis, historian and director of research at the Niskman Institute, blamed Republican lawmakers who were still standing with President Trump, calling them “cowards.”

“All the important lawsuits will be doomed to failure,” Cabaservis said, “and there will be an exception regarding some rulings related to a few simple technical and procedural aspects.”

Cabaservis said that although Trump will leave the White House before expelling his Secret Service, he will “continue to try to delegitimize President Biden and American democracy in general, and the real tragedy is that millions of Americans will believe him.”


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