Jordanian official: The Kingdom is at the height of the spread of the Coronavirus



Muhammad Hamed

Amman, Jordan

The Assistant Secretary-General of the Jordanian Ministry of Health, Ghazi Sharkas, confirmed that epidemiological indicators indicate that Jordan is passing through the peak stage of the spread of the Corona virus.

He said, “The last 3 days show a decrease in the numbers of Coronavirus infections,” considering that “these indicators transmit optimism and caution at the same time.”

He explained, “It is expected that the number of deaths due to infection with the virus will decrease in light of the stability of the number of infections this week.”

And the Jordanian Ministry of Health indicated that the total number of cases currently receiving treatment in hospitals has reached 2,128, of which 460 are on intensive care beds.

Jordan recorded about 193 thousand injuries and 2,380 deaths in Corona.

Source: “Tell me”


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