Jesse Abdo pursues Basil Khayat’s “shadow”


After Media Revolution 7 announced its contract with Syrian stars Basil Khayyat, Ghassan Masoud and Lebanese Yusef Al Khal to star in the series “Shadow” (directed by the Tunisian Muhammad Al-Khayari, the idea of ​​Saif Reda Hamed and written by Zuhair Rami Al-Mulla), the company revealed its contract also with Jesse Abdo. The production company run by Moufid Al-Rifai indicated that the Lebanese actress has joined the project, which will be shown in the month of Ramadan. In this context, the company pointed out in a press release that Jesse will appear in a difficult and provocative character surrounded by many ups and downs that will present Abdo in a different way. It is noteworthy that Media Revolution 7 and the Lebanese actress have previously collaborated on several series, including “Bint al-Shahbandar” (written by Hawan Akko and directed by Saif al-Din Subaie) and “Crime of Passion” (directed by Walid Nassif and written by Nour Shishkli). With this step, Jesse is the first actress to join the series, which revolves around the framework of action and mystery.


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