Jan Saliba suffers from complications from Corona


Jean Saliba is currently in a hospital in Beirut due to complications following his infection with the Coronavirus. The symptoms of the virus had intensified a few days ago for the Lebanese producer and composer, and campaigns to claim plasma began for him. Saliba’s condition appears to have deteriorated in the past few hours, after Amal Hegazy asked to pray for him. The Mu’tazila singer pointed out that Jan’s condition is critical, which raised questions about his condition. On the same bank, Amer Zayan was one of the first singers to reveal the status of the health product. “Jan’s condition is not good, and he is living on oxygen in the hospital,” Zian said in a tweet. On the same bank, the actor Wajih Saqr had requested to donate plasma to Saliba. It is noteworthy that Jan was known for launching some singers on the Lebanese scene, for he collaborated with many, starting with Elissa, Amal Hijazi, Siren Abdel Nour and others.


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