Its size is 25 times that of planet Earth Observation of a foreign object near the sun


He informed the “alien hunters” while studying the photos of the sun, which I took NASA agency On the discovery of the unidentified giant bird body.

According to the researchers, a giant abnormal flash appears in the images of the star, and its size may indicate the presence of a foreign body, whose size can greatly exceed the size of the Earth.

According to Scott Waring – one of the “hunters” – according to preliminary estimates, the body is 25 times the size of planet Earth.

According to the Express, the radius of the UFO is about 159,000 km, while the radius of the Earth is only 6371 km.

Hunters believe that the UFO emerged from the inner part of the sun – it could be a spaceship that was gathering energy from a star, and this theory may be supported by the presence of empty space inside the sun.

Scientists working with refer NASA agency The appearance of the object indicates the presence of a “space crust” – as researchers call debris that appears in front of the telescope lens, according to the scientists, the object can be anything – from chunks of ice to the debris of spaceships.

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