It was produced in the Iraqi dialect..Netflix begins showing the Mosul movie


On Thursday, the American company, Netflix, will start showing its upcoming movie, “The Mosul,” amid expectations that it will have high ratings.

The events of the film, the first to be produced in the Iraqi dialect, take place in the context of a true story of members of the Special Forces of the Iraqi Police “SWAT” who waged a guerrilla war against ISIS in a struggle to save their city, Mosul, from the clutches of the organization during the years 2016 and 2017.

The film was directed by Matthew Carnahan, and was co-executed by Iraqi director Muhammad Al-Darraji and others, while it was produced by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, producers of the “Avengers-End game” movie, which achieved legendary revenues when it was shown in theaters.

“When I first read the script for the film, I almost cried and did not want to complete it, because I was very moved,” Darraji said in an interview published on the Netflix website.

He added, “I met a lot of the SWAT team members before the production of this movie, and I made a short documentary about them, but when I read the script, I was tightly tied for it, and I felt that it was my duty to go ahead with it not as a director, but as an Iraqi, because it was very emotional. “.

The story of the Swat team, the focus of the film, was published in an investigation by the American newspaper “The New Yorker” in January 2017, which attracted the attention of producer Joe Russo, who said that he “cried” when he read the story and insisted on filming it in a movie.

It is noteworthy that the film is represented by a group of artists, most of them Iraqis, most notably the Iraqi actor residing in the United States, Suhail Dabaj and others, and was filmed in Morocco.


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