It has not happened in 800 years … an astronomical phenomenon that the world witnesses on December 21, 2020


A number of astronomers revealed that the world would witness An astronomical phenomenon It hasn’t happened in 800 years, as Jupiter and Saturn will be closer together on December 21.

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the two planets have begun to approach, since last summer, and that they are expected to appear at a later time, and the distance between them has become less than the distance of the full moon.

The newspaper explained that the two planets will reach this degree of proximity, after sunset, at the time of the winter solstice, and this scene is expected to be visible from any point on the planet, but those at the equator will be more able to monitor it.

According to the newspaper also, the two planets will not come close to each other at this degree, except in the year 2080, and at that time the two planets will be at a point higher than the Earth, and their visibility will be possible for a longer period, and later, this convergence will not occur between the two planets, again Only in the year 2400, that is, after about 4 centuries.

Commenting on this, a researcher in astronomy at Rice University in Texas, Patrick Hartigan, said: The proximity between these two planets is a rare event, and he considered that this approach is an exceptional event, given the large degree of proximity expected next December.


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