Israel creates insulin tablets for diabetics


Israel was able to manufacture insulin tablets to be taken orally, instead of injections that help diabetics to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

According to the “Times of Israel” newspaper, Oramid Pharmaceuticals has already begun testing the final phase of the new oral glucocorticoid. The trials are being held in the United States under the supervision of the US Food and Drug Administration in California.

Auramid CEO Nadav Kidron told the Israeli newspaper that the new treatment would reduce costs for diabetics, and reduce complications as well, adding: “This drug has the potential to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of diabetics around the world.”

Although the Indian company Biocon is also working on a similar invention, its product has not reached advanced experiences yet, at a time when the Israeli company is seeking to start using the product on type 2 patients within 3 years.

Kidron added: “One of the benefits of oral insulin is overcoming needle phobia, but most importantly, the insulin is transported directly to the liver,” explaining: “By transporting it to the liver, we stop the excessive production of glucose where production actually occurs. Usually, the injection goes into the bloodstream and deals with glucose there instead of stopping production in the liver. ”


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