iPhone 12 Studio from Apple lets you design your phone


Apple launched the iPhone 12 Studio interactive web app, which is an experiment that allows potential iPhone 12 owners to try different color combinations of their smartphone accessories.

The iPhone 12 Studio experience for iPhone users is equivalent to the Apple Watch Studio experience, a service that allows users to choose different colors for Apple Watch and bands in order to find the perfect combination.

This time, it comes to iPhone 12 customization, where visitors to iPhone 12 Studio will be able to choose from iPhone 12 models, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, in all colors available.

Users can then select a device folder, as well as a MagSafe folder, which is then physically placed on the device that appears on the screen.

Once selected, users are required to enter their name, then choose between two different views for their iPhone device, and this results in a picture of the iPhone kit and accessories, along with the hashtag # iPhone12studio.

This experience helps customers get the accessories they love the look of, and may encourage the purchase of additional items such as a case.

Creating an image with the username and using the tag is also framed to enable the user’s design to be shared across the tool through social media platforms.

And unlike Apple Watch Studio, Apple encourages users to visit iPhone 12 Studio through their smartphones or tablets, via a QR code.

Apple designers revealed that the iPhone 12 range of cases is inspired by the depth of gem colors, and the prototypes of the new accessories are likely to have started in-house more than two years ago.

The world of Apple mobile accessories has expanded dramatically with the launch of the iPhone 12 lineup and MagSafe products, so Apple is ready to deal with such additions as fashion items.

Apple is clearly hoping that the odds of purchasing official MagSafe plugins will increase if you can figure out how compatible they are and purchase them all with relative ease.


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