iPhone 11 was the best-selling phone globally in the third quarter of this year


The two best-selling phones worldwide in the third quarter of this year were iPhone, at least according to the latest statistics and figures provided by Canalys, a market research firm. The list of the ten best-selling smartphones in the last three months ending September 30 includes five phones from Samsung and three phones from Xiaomi.

No phone dared come close to the iPhone 11, whose sales had broken the barrier of 16 million units. As for the second place, it was the iPhone SE 2020, whose sales amounted to about 10 million units, which succeeded in wooing many consumers to buy it thanks to its low price, features and technical specifications that it offers them.

According to the Canalys report for the second quarter of this year, the iPhone 11 represented 40 percent of Apple’s global shipments, while the iPhone SE 2020 accounted for 28 percent. IPhone 11 in particular has retained the number one position in the top ten phones list for four consecutive quarters.

The Galaxy A21s is roughly equal to the iPhone SE 2020, followed by the Galaxy A11 by a slight margin. In fact, the only Samsung phones that entered the list of the top 10 phones are the economical Galaxy A Series phones, and the most distinguished model among them is the Galaxy A51.

Likewise, the best-selling Xiaomi phones all belong to the Redmi lineup, led by the Redmi Note 9. And there isn’t even any Pro model or 5G phone either.

A phone compatible with the 5G networks was unable to reach the list of the top ten best-selling smartphones during the period from July to September. However, Apple’s recent launch of the iPhone 12 Series and several 5G-compatible Android phones may change things in the next quarter.

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