Inter ship sinks: Conte under pressure


Things are not well at Inter Milan. The team is in dire straits. No winning streak, no convincing performance. A single victory in the team’s last seven matches made things difficult for coach Antonio Conte, who is under tremendous pressure from the Italian sports press. The Italian coach has been subject to dismissal for failing to meet management aspirations.The club’s officials did not skimp on providing the necessary support to Antonio. During his first season, the management granted Conte a huge budget through which he brought in many prominent players. The brilliant names of Cromelo Lukaku, Barilla, Sensi and others … showed the extent of the administration’s desire to return to the forefront, however, Inter failed to achieve the league title, contenting itself with second place, and on the European level it reached the final of the “Europa League”, but he did not Won the title after losing to Sevilla.
Despite the extravagant deals at the time, Inter was not expected to be crowned in the Scudetto, given the team’s departure from competition in recent years in addition to the readiness of other teams, especially Juventus. The management knew that the team needed time to adapt to the coach’s philosophy, but the strong start gave hope to the club. Management aspirations differed this season, especially after taking Inter and the overall ranking last season. This summer, the club strengthened the system by bringing in “experience” elements. Roma full-back Alexander Kolarov came, then Arturo Vidal from Barcelona. Important deals that put “on the surface” the final touches to Conte’s tactical patch, but the results reflect a major defect, which may be caused by Conte himself.
The coach has a system that includes many famous names, but he has not yet been able to reconcile these names. It was evident through the matches that Conte did not possess tactical flexibility, as the great determination of his adoption of the 3-man defense plan showed great difficulties in the process of linking attack and defense by the parties. Conte’s style of play has become exposed to all, he is futile in attack and fragile in defense.

Conte always does things the same way and expects a different result and herein lies the main problem

Among the disadvantages of the approved squad is its incompatibility with the players’ abilities, which puts some of them outside the coach’s accounts. This was evident with the Danish player Christian Eriksen, who has been put up for sale according to the Italian press, after he was one of the most anticipated deals at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium.
Conte always does things the same way and expects a different result, and herein lies the fundamental problem. The only exception may go back to his days with Chelsea, when he started with a 4-3-3 plan. The results were floundering, so Conte resorted to changing the team’s plan, relying on a 3-4-3 plan to eventually win the league title, but sticking to his opinion and not turning the corners and strengthening the relationship with the players all of this contributed to his dismissal afterwards.
This formation is not successful at Inter until the moment, and it may be time to change it in order to move forward, especially since the team has the necessary elements to play with four defenders.
Inter Milan ranks sixth in the league with three wins, two draws and a loss of 6 rounds, and is last in Group Two of the Champions League with two draws and a loss at the hands of Real Madrid.
It is still early to say that Conte will be fired, but the results are unpleasant for management and the public. The performance falls short of expectations, which could lead to Conte’s position if he does not get things done quickly.

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