In the video … a consultant reveals a shocking surprise about the percentage of Saudis with diabetes!


Al-Marsad Newspaper: A consultant in pediatrics, endocrinology and diabetes revealed that the Kingdom is ranked seventh in the world in the incidence of the disease, and about 20% of Saudis have it.

Dr. Doaa Al-Hamiani said in her interview with the “Al-Rased” program on “Al-Akhbariya” channel, that diabetes is of two types; The first sugar that affects children, and the second sugar that affects all ages.

Al-Hamyani indicated that the first sugar is the result of an imbalance in the immune system or the pancreas that reduces insulin secretion until it becomes non-existent, and that the second sugar is either hereditary or due to poor modesty in terms of dietary habits, staying up late, or lack of movement.

She indicated that the second type of sugar may affect different ages and the rate of infection has increased among children, noting the importance of ensuring that children reduce sugar intake, as well as everyone’s keenness to eat healthy food, exercise and reduce the use of smart devices.


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