In a rare video, Ahmed Zaki talks about his separation from Hala Fouad and gets angry with Moufid Fawzy


An old video was recently circulated in which the late Egyptian artist appeared Ahmed Zaki During an interview he had with him in his media house Moufid Fawzy. During him, he touched upon his personal life and said that he does not play the role of a man who dictates to his wife what she should do. He expressed his dissatisfaction with his separation from his wife Hala Fouad.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction because of the media’s involvement in topics related to his private life, which he revealed with apparent dissatisfaction. And he commented: “In the case of something that is refreshing, you know it, and no one of the viewers knows it between husband and wife.”

He added that he does not wish to restore the relationship to its previous state due to the difference in views between them, expressing his strong respect for it. He also refused to comment on some questions.

And on a question about the reason for the separation, he said during the meeting: “I was very nervous and fanatical about simple needs. She would bear me while I knew that she was beside me and would not consider me, and she preferred to endure my nervousness until some day I woke up what I found. I found the house empty above. ”

It is noteworthy that the artistic community celebrated the birthday of the great artist yesterday, Wednesday, October 18, 2020, through comments and photos posted on accounts on social media.


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