In a clear picture for the first time … Wael Kfoury’s daughter as Disney princesses celebrating “Halloween”


The pioneers of social media circulated a new photo of “Milana”, the daughter of the Lebanese star Wael KfouryFrom his exAngela Bishara, She showed the change in her features.

Angela was keen to publish a picture of her daughter in a dress in which she looked like Disney princesses while she was wearing a crown on her head, through the “Stories” feature on the “Instagram” application, in celebration of “Halloween“… Milana sparkled her long golden hair after she grew up and changed her features to become a copy of his mother. Followers interacted with the photo, which was widely circulated, while everyone agreed on the girl’s beauty and innocence.

It is reported that Wael Kfoury He was keen to keep his family away from the media, but his ex-wife published pictures and videos of their two daughters while concealing their features, but quickly published pictures of the two girls that showed their features clearly on more than one occasion.


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