Ilham Shaheen talks about a new film that discusses “shameful” topics



The Egyptian actress, Elham Shaheen, said that her new film, “Curfew,” discusses many topics “that are silent and that we are too shy to talk about.”

Shaheen added, in a telephone interview with the “Last Word” program, broadcast on the “ON” satellite channel, and presented by Mays Al-Hadidi, Tuesday, that the film will open discussion on many topics, after its presentation, pointing out that many stars work in it, such as Kamel Al-Basha, who is considered a distinguished actor, pointed out that Amir Ramses is a wonderful screenwriter, and it is a discovery for cinema. ”

She added, “Some audiences condemn cinema and that it is not at the level they wish, and they should encourage serious cinema,” expressing her hope that the audience will be more aware and encourage cinema that has a message, not the cinema that “entertain them.”

She emphasized that the film must have an artistic side, explaining that she is the only one among the stars who studied at the Academy of Arts, and therefore can give her opinion on a good scenario, and therefore she does not care about the size of the role, or its shape in the role.

Source: Egyptian media


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