Ilham Shaheen talks about a new film that discusses “shameful” topics – Turkey Now


  1. Ilham Shaheen talks about a new film discussing “shameful” topicsTurkey now
  2. Elham Shaheen: “I became a star after this work with Adel Imam” – on videoElfann
  3. Elham Shaheen in a bold dialogue with Lamis El Hadidy: She remained a movie star after the movie “Al Halfoot” in front of Adel Imam … I could not bear the presence of a man in my life … And Nour El Sherif is the most comfortable actor standing in front of him.the seventh day
  4. Video- Ilham Shaheen: I failed twice in my marriage and I cannot bear a man in my
  5. Khaberni website: Ilham Shaheen: a new film that discusses shameful topicsTell me
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