Ilham Shaheen: I regretted this movie and insulted myself!


The great Egyptian actress, Elham Shaheen, expressed her remorse for making the movie (Samira’s death)? Which dealt with the suicide of the rising Moroccan singer Samira Mlyn at the home of the late musician Baligh Hamdi.

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And she said during an interview with the media figure, Lamees Al-Hadidi, on the (Last Word) program, on the (on) channel: (I really regret his presentation, because I adore Hamdi eloquently and adore his music).

And she continued: (This movie I hate too much, and all I think about is that I want to torment myself, and I want to curse myself. I participated in the condemnation of musician Baligh Hamdi 30 years ago in the death of Samira Mlyn).

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She continued: (It was a big mistake, I participated in the film, and my place must be done, just because there is representation, I had to see and accurately the message that the film was carrying, and no film was in the hands of eloquent Hamdi.


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