Ibn Ahlam was injured and this is his condition .. And a comment from Asala


Fahed Al Hajri, son of the Emirati artist Ahlam, caused a sensation on the sites because of a picture he posted on his Twitter account, in which he appeared with his hand wrapped in bandages, indicating that he suffered a fracture.

A very large number of followers interacted with the picture, who asked about the reason for this and wished him a speedy recovery and safety, noting that he indicated through the comment that he was fine and tweeted: “To everyone who asked about me, I am fine, thank God, I thank everyone who called me and reassured me.”

What is striking is the comment of the artist Asala, who expressed her concern about that and wrote: “The integrity of your heart is my baby,” while his mother commented: “May God protect you, my mother, my beloved, I entrusted you with the Most Merciful.”

It is noteworthy that Fahed played the primary role in paving the way for reconciliation between the Syrian artist and his mother after a long dispute between them.

He explained in a TV interview that the story began with a tweet he posted on “Twitter”, indicating that his mother felt a lot of joy when she saw the tweets and Asala’s reaction, as she saw through this that the Syrian artist still loves her. He added, “Praise be to God, they forgave some. Perhaps she is the best. Of course, I am the most follower of the artist, Asala, who was young and kept in love with her. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the help.”

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