I encourage Mohamed Salah and hope for the embodiment of Pharaoh Horus .. 15 statements made by Amir Al-Masry with FilFan.com | news


The artist, Amir Al-Masry, was a guest on FilFan.com, in an interesting dialogue in which he talked about his career in Hollywood and his start in Egypt and revealed many artistic and personal secrets in his life.

In the following lines, we list the most important statements of the artist Amir Al-Masry in his interview with FilFan.com:

1- I was surprised to be nominated for the BAFTA Rising Stars list, and I wasn’t expecting to be nominated for Limbo.

2- In Limbo, I portray the character of “Omar”, a composer who travels to London to obtain asylum. At first, I was hesitant to accept the role, but when I read the script, I found that it reflected a different picture from what is usual for Syrian refugees.

3- In order to train for the role, I met refugees on a Scottish island, and at the time of filming, we were completely cut off from the outside world, and I did not expect critics to praise the film and my performance.

4- Given that I am of Arab origins, the directors used to restrict my roles to Al-Arabi Al-Terrorist, and this role does not benefit the story of the film, but with this role I was given this credit for my fame in the midst of international directors.

5- I benefited a lot from the Egyptian works and my role in Rosewater was my start to the world with director John Stewart.

6- Working in Hollywood is very difficult. You must go through many steps before reaching a role that has undergone many auditions, and you must be patient and confident.

7- I felt that I was different from the English and it was difficult to convince them to play the foreigner roles. So I had to put myself in the image of an Arab who does not speak English fluently. When the directors saw me, they decided to give me a chance to play a different role.

8- I was exposed to racism, but in an undercover way, and I noticed it when I found that many roles are not presented to me nor do I go through many auditions, but the matter is completely different now.

9 – I tend to have real stories and better embody the roles of real people, and I refuse to link the role to my character and I agree to the role if the composition is good, regardless of my dislike of the character.

10- It is possible that I will reject a bold role in order to preserve the feelings of my fans, and I will not repeat the experiments that I did before for the sake of spreading in Britain only.

11- It is possible that I could play the role of Saidi and played a Dutch role before, and I trained on the accent in the Industry series by watching videos of the former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van Dildo, who was a Dutchman who spoke English with his accent.

12- I received a call from a business agent after I finished the series, and she told me to nominate me for the latest star wars movie after watching director J.

13- I have previously met the international artist Omar Sharif and he advised me to start in Egypt first. I hope to present a film about the Pharaohs and embody the character of Pharaoh Horus .. I encourage Mohamed Salah despite my love for Manchester United.

14- My study of the psychology of criminology has helped me a lot in my work, for example when portraying the role of a person who has embarked on a crime. This helps me to know his motives for that step.

15 – The Night Manager series is the actual step in my career. It won many awards and stood before major stars such as Olivia Coleman and Hugh Larry, and opened up a field for different roles. I hope to stand in front of Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep.

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