Hussein Al Jasmi presents the song “Libba Al-Ain” (video)


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Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi, his fans and followers, shared a video of the new song “Labba Al-Ain”, which was released on his official channel on the famous video site “YouTube”.

“Al Jasmi” published the video of the song on its official Facebook page and commented: “Our new (Lubba_Ayoun), whose magic slaughtered me and the hearts of hearts that lost for years, from Jinan’s poems, composed and sung by Hussein Al Jasmi, distribution, mixing and master: Hussam Kamel.”

The song is composed by the composers and vocals of Hussein Al Jasmi, the poems of Jinan, and the distribution and master of Master Hussam Kamal.

And the lyrics of the song say: The pulp of the eyes that charmed me slaughtered me, the heart of hearts that lost for years, and the tenderness of longing that in a moment robbed me and went back years of love that tells me your nostalgia and the heart wins, and then thrust me right or the longing and bowed me two thousand times Oh longing eye .. Your whispers stabbed me, with which you melt from the years of your customs, your passion, and you saw his torment, charmed me and your eyes, its hem, a magic that was precious.

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