HUAWEI captures the world’s largest market share for wrist wearables, thanks to the HUAWEI WATCH GT series.


Huawei has adhered to its core philosophy of “providing innovative products to users” since it began developing its smart wearable products. Building on its long technological expertise in battery life and the continuous development of sports and health monitoring technologies, Huawei has launched a diverse range of competitive products such as the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 and HUAWEI Talkband B6 series of smart fitness and communication watches. Through continuous innovation in product development, Huawei is fully committed to meeting a variety of consumer needs, which has enabled it to achieve many remarkable achievements in this field.

According to the market research institute “IDC” report for the second quarter of the year 2020, Huawei ranked first in the wearable device market and achieving this remarkable result in a market that is very competitive is an important achievement for Huawei.

The HUAWEI Watch GT series has put Huawei wearables at the forefront of the industry

As with smartphones, Huawei has gained a leading position in the field of smart wearables. Since the creation of the first smartwatch in the HUAWEI Watch GT Series, the smartwatch series has recorded an excellent performance. Thanks to its long-lasting battery and professional and accurate data monitoring capabilities, the HAUWEI WATCH GT Series helps consumers take proactive steps in managing their health more effectively, providing a sportier experience and a more comprehensive, smarter, faster and easier lifestyle.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT takes its name from the automotive world, and just like the famous “GT” cars known for their strong track record in the automotive industry, the HUAWEI WATCH GT is a leader in durability, performance and reliability. Huawei supports users while simultaneously investing in research efforts to update the company’s core technologies and ultimately improve the user experience. These innovations and developments continue to surprise consumers as they have made Huawei the leader and number one in the wearable device market today.

Creating a competitive advantage through innovative technologies

Being a product that must be worn for extended periods of time, smartwatch battery performance is always the focus of attention of consumers and industry experts alike. With a two-week battery life under test conditions, the HUAWEI WATCH GT introduced the first smartwatch with ultra-long battery life, and a successful solution to the industry’s challenges of short smart watch battery life and the need to recharge frequently. The HUAWEI WATCH GT lineup meets consumers’ aspiration for continuous health monitoring in real time and comprehensively enhances their sporting and health experience.

The new HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro also supports monitoring of blood oxygen level SpO2 throughout the day, providing a direct solution to the problem of monitoring blood oxygen levels through a combination of an innovative light path design and blood oxygen algorithms. Using the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 range, users can monitor blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and stress levels in real time, thus proactively monitoring changes in their bodies and better managing their health.

In addition, Huawei has research institutes spread all over the world, relying on more than ten of them for research related to smart wearable products. Consequently, Huawei’s smart wearable sector depends entirely on the best innovation resources in the world, as well as Huawei’s strengths in the global value chain in order to better serve customers and build global value for the company’s local innovation capabilities.

The resounding success of Huawei’s wearable devices did not come by accident but rather from years of long technological experience. Huawei’s wearables achieved a tremendous impact in the market through innovation, and the company was able to build a superior position in this category and attract more users to wear smart watches, thus maintaining rapid growth in sales.


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