How does Microsoft plan to improve Windows 10 operating system in 2021? |


No company provided Microsoft Many of the main features or prominent changes in the Windows 10 operating system during the current year, but many reports indicate that the next year 2021 will be more exciting for Microsoft, as the company plans to launch a system (Windows 10x) for dual-screen computers, and it also plans to develop the Windows system. 10 more effectively.

Here’s how Microsoft plans to improve Windows 10 in 2021?

Improvements in Windows 10:

Early this year, Microsoft (Panos Panay) Chief Product Officer was appointed in charge of the division Windows user experienceAfter taking this department, he announced the reinvestment in the Windows 10 operating system according to a timeframe during 2021.

Officially, the company has not mentioned anything about the development of the system yet, and has not announced plans by which it wants to reinvest in the operating system Windows 10, however, many sources mention that Microsoft is planning a major update related to the operating system in the fall of 2021 by introducing new features Powerful, more modern and consistent user interface.

Some sources also reported that Microsoft plans to release two updates for Windows 10 in 2021, but unlike previous years, the 21H1 Spring Update will be a smaller version similar to the last two updates 20H2 and 19H2 which brought some improvements and minor changes while laying the groundwork for the big 21H2 update in the fall of 2021. .

Windows 10X:

In addition to refocusing its efforts on Windows 10, Microsoft also plans to release a version of the operating system called (Windows 10x) In the first half of 2021, as Microsoft has been working for years to develop it, and aims to provide a modern and light version for the dual-screen personal computers.

The company hopes to start shipping the first Windows 10X computers in the spring of 2021, as the company wants to compete with these devices directly with Chromebooks, and that Windows 10X will be a direct competitor to the Chrome OS operating system, where an installer will come. Previously in the new computers that will be launched.

New Windows 10 cloud-based service:

In 2021, Microsoft plans to launch a new Windows 10-based service called (Cloud PCIt will be an integrated service that coincides with the subscription to Microsoft 365 that allows users to install applications on it so that they can be used on any device, and if you install an application in the service it will appear in the Start menu as if it was originally installed, and this will allow computers that have a small storage capacity Or limited performance by running heavy applications without affecting device performance.


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