How does Corona spread among gatherings?


A recent study revealed that the spread of the new Corona virus is spreading faster than we previously thought, which requires more “strictness” in the issue of social distancing.

According to the “Medical News Today” website, limiting human gatherings to 10 or fewer people may be useful in curbing the spread of the epidemic that has affected more than 50 million people in the world so far.

The researchers spent nearly a year understanding the nature of the virus, whose scientific name is “SARS Cove 2”, trying to find an optimal way to contain it.

And researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology measured how the virus spreads in large human populations.

The results showed that these gatherings exacerbate the spread of the virus, which claimed the lives of more than one million and 260 thousand people.

The researchers found, that in some cases, the virus passes from an infected person to a healthy person, and then the infection passes to a third person.

The study indicated that the infection may be transmitted to dozens of other people, within a short period of time, which means that loosening social distancing restrictions is still premature.

In Skagit County, in Washington state, for example, researchers followed the case of 53 people who were infected with the emerging corona virus, and found that they had contracted the infection through the same person.

In an activity attended by 61 people, over a period of two and a half hours, 33 people were diagnosed with Coronavirus, while the others were “suspected cases.”

The mechanism of social distancing has been relied on to reduce the spread of the disease since the beginning of this year, but this measure has caused a paralysis in the global economy.

Most of the countries of the world took the initiative to reduce social distancing in order to re-move the wheel of the economy, and allowed the return of public transport and restaurants, but with less absorptive capacity.


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