How did this child lose his parents due to the Corona virus?


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The child, Raiden Gonzalez, lost his parents after the Corona virus took them over, and they left their child with memories of only a few years to stick to for life.

Baby Raiden with his parents Adan and Maria Gonzalez Credit: Margie Bryant

The child’s maternal aunt, Margie Bryant, tells CNN that far from Raiden’s happiness, she wishes others would take the coronavirus threat seriously.

Bryant explains that words fail to describe what the Corona virus did to her family, the harm it caused, the emptiness it left, and finally what it did to this young child who has now lost his parents.

Bryant notes that we hear about the number of deaths, but we don’t hear about people left behind, in which case, it is only a 4-year-old.

Baby Raiden lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his maternal grandmother, Rosie Salinas, caring for Bryant.

The state of Texas recorded the largest number of cases of coronavirus infection than any other state, and the number of deaths nationwide reached 250,000.

Take precautions

How did this child lose his parents due to the Corona virus?
The child’s parents, Raiden, died of infection with the Coronavirus Credit: Margie Bryant

Bryant recalls that Raiden’s father, Adan Gonzalez Jr., who was 33 years old, started a new job as a cement truck driver on May 12, and by the end of May, Adan began suffering from what he described to his family as allergy-like symptoms.

On June 3, Adan was confirmed to be infected with the “Covid-19” virus, and after six days, paramedics transferred him to the intensive care unit, where he spent just over two weeks before his death on 26 June.

Bryant continues that her niece and Raiden’s mother, Maria Gonzalez, who was 29 years old, told her child about the death of his father, and despite the difficulty of this, the child understood that his father was ill.

And Bryant confirms that Raiden’s parents, Adan and Maria were all taking precautions at work, by wearing face masks.

After she lost her husband, Raiden’s mother, Maria, experienced depression and anxiety, Bryant said.

Raiden’s mother, Maria, spent the day on October 5 shopping with her mother, Rosie Salinas, and ordering dinner from outside, in what seemed a normal day, Bryant said.

But that night, Mariah began experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains, so Bryant advised her sister, Rosie Salinas, to call paramedics for her niece, Maria, she said, adding, “We never saw her again.”

And Maria passed away the next morning.

According to what Bryant mentioned, the hospital staff conducted a “Covid-19” examination for her sister’s daughter Maria, and the first swab result was negative, but the second swab result appeared positive, and within four hours of the examination results, Maria died due to symptoms of “Covid-19”, And she had pneumonia and acute respiratory failure.

Bryant traveled to San Antonio on the day her niece, Maria, died to support her child, who had become an orphan.

Bryant says that the child Raiden tells everyone that “Covid” took his father, but also says: “My father is an angel in the sky, he lives among the clouds.”

Bryant was forced to tell Raiden, who calls her “my grandmother,” that the reason he did not see his mother was because she got sick and was also an angel in heaven now.

“When young children suffer the death of a member of their family, they not only mourn the loss, but also worry about who will take care of them,” Robin Gorwich, a psychologist and professor at Duke University Medical Center, told CNN.

It is important for the child to be reassured that someone will always stay by his side to take care of him.

How did this child lose his parents due to the Corona virus?
Margie Bryant accompanied by her niece Maria Gonzalez Credit: Margie Bryant

Bryant confirms that this is exactly what she and her sister, Rosie Salinas, intend to do, as well as all of Raiden’s relatives, adding: “I want him to fulfill his dreams, and we will be a part of them, and I told my sister that she is not alone, we are all here … Whether that is going.” To school or to play sports, whatever he wants, we will make sure that he has access to him, and that he always remembers Maria and Adan. ”

With Raiden’s birthday close on Sunday, Bryant and her family wanted to find a way to make sure the baby knew how loved they were.

A dinosaur parade is scheduled to take place on November 28, with the participation of the local fire department, the Batman character, truck clubs, motorcycle clubs and classic car clubs.

“It is an outstanding birthday and we want Raiden to know that we will be there all his birthdays, and we make sure to celebrate it. I know my niece is smiling now somewhere, because she knows her son is in good hands,” Bryant adds.


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