How did Tamer Hosni celebrate the success of “Tell me Kalam”?


The song “Gulni Kalam”, presented by Egyptian star Tamer Hosni 3 weeks ago, has crossed the barrier of 11 million views on YouTube.

Tamer Hosni celebrated the success of the song, via “Twitter” and published a clip of its lyrics, with a link to the song on YouTube.

The song “Qulni Kalam” is from the new album “Khaleik Folady”. It is written by Tamer Hussein, composed by Tamer Ali, and distributed by Ali Fathallah. The album contains 11 songs.

Among the album’s most prominent songs are “Invention” with singer Mahmoud Al-Asaily from the words of Ahmed Hassan Raoul, composed by Ahmed Zaim, arranged by Wissam Abdel Moneim, and “Qad Al-Faraq” from the words of Tamer Hussein, and composed and distributed by Islam Zaki.

The album also includes a song entitled “Haqulha Tani” written by Amir Toaima, composed by Muhammad Yahya, and distributed by Adel Haqqi, and “My Time Is Relief” from the words of Amir Taima, composed by Ahmed Zaim, and distributed by Wissam Abdel Moneim, and “Suddenly We Parted” from the words of Muhammad Atef, and composed by Tamer Ali, and the distribution of Yahya Youssef.

The name Tamer Hosni has been on top of social networking sites in recent days due to his dispute with his wife Basma Bousil, and in a nice way, Tamer Hosni apologized to his wife and succeeded in containing the crisis, and Basma Bousil returned to the marital nest.


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