Horror, action, and fantasy … the best movie series in 2020


Despite the lack of international films released this year due to strict rules imposed on gatherings for fear of the Corona virus, some have succeeded in resisting the epidemic.

At the end of the year, we will see the best foreign film series released this year in the following report.

1. The Grudge

“The Gradge,” starring Lyn Shay and John Chu, is an American horror film that focuses on the spirit of a malevolent ghost that attacks the living.

2. Bad Boys for Life

“Bad Boys for Life,” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, is an American action movie that brings the curtain down on the popular series, with a final assignment that brings together police officers Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett.

3. Dolittle

“Dolittle”, starring Robert Downey Jr., is a fantasy movie about a doctor who can address and understand animals.


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