His daughter died a few days ago … The death is a former General Manager


The death of the former Director General of the Ministry of the Displaced, Khaled Mahmoud Abdel Samad, who was appointed in 1992, and contributed to the many national reconciliations that took place in several Lebanese cities, towns and villages as a result of the civil war.Abd al-Samad held the position of observer for lessons for research and publications in the staff of the Civil Service Council – Department of Preparation and Training, in 1995.

He began his career in secondary education, so he participated in establishing the official High School, and was appointed as its director in the early seventies. He was also head of the office in the Ministry of Education, and a professor of secondary education above the top in the staff of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – General Directorate of Education.

The deceased was born in Amatour – Chouf in 1938, and he retired in 2002.He will be buried after praying on his body, tomorrow, Tuesday, in his hometown of Amatour.

It is worth noting that Abdel Samad is the father of the victim, Dima Abdel Samad, who died in the Beirut port explosion a few days ago.


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