“Hidden Bomber” … A New Hope in Facing Cancer – Health Statement – Hayat


A virus acting as a “stealth bomber” could be the deadly new weapon against cancer. The exciting thing is that this new weapon is assembled together in a way similar to the well-known “Lego” game blocks. Many cancer researchers have already advised the use of “smart bombs” that allow two different types of anti-cancer drugs to be released in a tightly controlled fashion, according to the British newspaper, The Daily Mirror.

However, scientists mentioned that the link that was missing here is a “hidden grenade launcher”, meaning a delivery system that can move stealthily bypassing the body’s defensive radars without being detected. Currently, scientists believe that the newly designed virus can inhibit the growth of carcinomas in patients whose cancer has spread to their bodies, according to the Middle East newspaper.

For his part, said Professor Dmitry Shayakhmatov, from the School of Medicine of Emory University in the United States: “This is a new way to treat the types of cancer that is endemic in good.” He added: “The virus can be armed with genes and proteins to stimulate immunity in the face of cancer, and you can assemble the virus cover as if you were collecting Lego pieces.”

It is worth noting here that the issue of using cancer-killing viruses, known as tumor viruses, has been discussed and tested for decades, but scientists have always faced an impenetrable barrier in their battle against cancer: the human immune system. Soon, the body’s defense system moves to capture viruses that are injected into the bloodstream and send them to the liver, the organ responsible for disposing of body waste.

Today, researchers have come up with a way to circumvent this obstacle by engineering redesign of virus delivery so that the immune system’s defenses cannot easily catch it. This new development enables the virus to be injected into the blood without causing a major inflammatory reaction.

In this regard, Professor Shayakhmatov said: “The internal immune system is very effective in sending viruses to the liver when they are injected into the body intravenously. Therefore, most tumor viruses are injected into the tumor, without affecting the metastases.

“On the contrary, we believe that it is possible to systematically inject the modified viruses that we have devised into the body in doses large enough to inhibit tumor growth, without stimulating potentially life-threatening toxic agents,” he said.



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