Hellish plan … Amazon reveals employees who stole iPhones with a terrifying amount


News websites and social media have been buzzing over the past hours, with news of the arrest of a group of 5 employees affiliated with the Amazon company for stealing iPhones from a logistics center in the Spanish capital Madrid, in an operation believed to have included the theft of 500,000 euros, equivalent to 592,000 dollars In the goods.In the details, the arrests were made after an internal investigation conducted by Amazon itself, in which it discovered that there were problems in some of the packages sent to customers due to the weights of some of them differing from the actual expected weight.

The discovered differences prompted Amazon to install hidden cameras to see what was happening.

While iPadizate revealed that Amazon had made sure that a group of workers was secretly placing new iPhones, such as: “iPhone 12” and “iPhone 12 Pro” in orders, to replace the contents already needed for the package at the last minute.

A clever plan brought them down
Amazon arrested 3 of the five people involved in the theft ring upon leaving work, then a fourth was arrested while working, and the fifth surrendered himself to the police voluntarily. Now the five employees Amazon fired from work are awaiting trial.

Workers had also found 10 iPhones, which were to be sent in the same way. The devices also carried a large number of stickers with IME numbers, which appeared to be torn from the boxes to obstruct the investigation.

The arrests are continuing
As investigations continue to determine where the sending iPhones have ended, it is not unlikely that more people will be arrested. The value of iPhones stolen by the group is estimated at half a million euros.

It is noteworthy that the sheer popularity and unique nature of iPhones make them a target for theft.

Last March, a number of devices worth 3 million euros were stolen from Schiphol Airport in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, and Apple Watch watches, worth 530,000 euros, were stolen last May.


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