Heikal Hospital: The victim’s lawyer responds and the Ministry of Health is investigating


After attorney Ihab filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecution Office of the Appeal in the North, v Albert Haykal Hospital, with doctor Taha BizarbashiFor the crime of the death of citizen Muhammad Fayyad (73 years old) as a result of negligence and negligence leading to death, Majzoub returned and issued a statement in which he responded to the hospital’s statement, in which it evaded the complaint against her. According to Al-Modon’s information, following the complaint, the Ministry of Health sent a team to examine Heikal Hospital, and to investigate doctors and administrative authorities involved in the file.

According to Al-Majzoub’s statement, he confirmed that Heikal Hospital’s response regarding Fayyad’s death is a distortion of the facts, because it contradicts the report issued by the hospital and signed by Dr. Taha Bazarbashi, and, “It is shameful for the hospital to resort to distorting the facts, to absolve itself of negligence, negligence and lack of precaution, which led to the death of the late Muhammad Fayyad. He says, “Take me.”

Al-Majzoub detailed his response in the statement as follows:

First: The hospital mentioned in its response that the patient when he arrived was suffering from severe respiratory failure. This is false. Severe respiratory failure requires rapid medical intervention, and at least the patient should be given oxygen. The deceased went to the hospital for a lung CT scan, and then returned home. After the photo report was released, he decided to enter the hospital to start treatment. There is a clear video of the patient while entering the emergency room, where he was talking to his children without wearing an oxygen mask, or showing any sign of severe respiratory failure or difficulty breathing.

Second: The hospital stated in its response that during the treatment, Sat O2: 99% remained, and this distortion of the facts, because the medical report issued by it and signed by Dr. Taha Bazarbashi, and it includes blood tests, showing that on 19_8_2020, the proportion of SO2: 88.9%, in addition to that we have videos, pictures and various dates for the patient’s vital signs monitoring device, which show that the oxygen levels are low, much contrary to the hospital’s claims. How much the parents wished that the oxygen level would be 99 percent, even once.

Third: The hospital stated in its response that, on 8/30/2020, the patient’s health condition deteriorated, so he was put on a ventilator and then cardiac resuscitation. This completely contradicts the medical report issued by the hospital, signed by Dr. Taha Bazarbashi, when it was mentioned verbatim that the patient was subjected to a sudden drop of oxygen, and suddenly the heart stopped, after which an oxygen tube was placed and the heart resuscitation process started. This is the crux of the matter. Why was the shortening and delay in placing the tube and giving the patient the oxygen he needed, which caused him to have a severe depression of oxygen, and thus the heart stopped?

Fourth: Concerning the capture of the dead, a germ known as Staphylococcus aureus, it is known that this germ is naturally present as part of the cohabiting bacteria of the human body, and it enters the blood due to the inefficiency of the medical or nursing staff in sterilization through special sterilizers, preventing these bacteria from migrating into the blood . And since the patient’s immunity was weak due to his infection with the virus, these bacteria helped increase infections. Consequently, his health deteriorated. According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this infection is dangerous and fatal in health care settings, especially for patients in intensive care and patients who have had medical devices inserted into their bodies, and if the deceased was infected with this germ, its symptoms would appear upon entering the hospital or in the first days. But the deterioration of his condition after a week of hospitalization, especially after his improvement, as you have confessed, is the greatest evidence that he caught it in the hospital.

He concluded by heading to Heikal Hospital, saying, “If you really master your work, you would review at least your response. And when you made a mistake in the name of the late Muhammad and not Mahmoud Fayyad. And we are satisfied with this amount. We hope that we will not have to disclose what documents we have in the media, which prove the failure. Let us leave it.” To the judiciary, because what matters to us is not defaming the hospital or Dr. Bazarbashi. Rather, the aim of the complaint is to oblige the hospital, the doctor, and the medical team treating patients to deal responsibly with patients, to prevent this tragedy from being repeated with other families.


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