He hid his mother’s body for years in order to gain her pension, then “exposed him to his tongue.”


The authorities threw in Slovenia The suspect, 67, was arrested, police and media reported, Monday.

Relatives of this woman, who would have reached the age of 97 if she was alive, stand behind the investigators’ alert to the matter, confirming that they were unable to see or visit her despite their repeated requests.

It is suspected that the victim’s son lied to her relatives, claiming that she did not want to see them, according to press reports, and during this period he continued to imitate her signature in order to continue collecting her pension.

Police spokesman Tomaz Tomazevic said in a statement to state television, “the police I found the woman’s body in an apartment in Ljubljana, “explaining that” her death apparently took place several years ago. “

It was not possible until now to determine the cause of her death, nor its exact date, but it is believed that it was 6 years old, according to the special “24ur” website, while a television station reported that no one had seen her alive since 2011.


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