He announced his intention to run in 2024 … Kanye West reaps 60,000 votes in the US elections


If the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, wins the presidency of the United States, and skips the expected judicial battles with the Republican candidate, US President Donald Trump, this does not mean the end of Biden, as he has a difficult challenge to control the Senate that maintained the Republican majority.

The report published by the agency notes BloombergThursday, until Biden’s hopes for achieving liberal aspirations may not stand up to the deadlock he will face by not controlling the Senate, thus becoming the first president in this situation since George W. Bush took over.

Biden’s first battle in Congress will be in the economic stimulus package that Republicans will seek to “stifle” at every joint.

And control of the Senate is one of the important bets of the elections that took place on Tuesday, because no law can be passed in the United States without going through the upper chamber of Congress.

Republicans currently control the Senate with 53 out of 100 seats.

Biden will clash with the leadership of the Senate, currently represented by Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, and he will not be able to fulfill his hopes of “raising taxes” or passing a plan with “$ 2 trillion to combat climate change” or “expanding government health care programs” or “reforming the country’s immigration system.” “.

Even with Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House of Representatives, she will not be able to give Biden the decisive influence in passing what he wants, especially the federal budget.

Professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University, Daniel Schlossman, told AFP that even if Trump was narrowly defeated in the presidential election, “things went well” for the Republican Party with the likelihood that it would retain the majority in the Senate and not suffer a major defeat in Parliament.

“These factors are the kind that make a party tend to continue its path instead of taking a completely different approach.”

Professor of political science at Boston College, David Hopkins believes that if Trump loses the election, “he will likely continue to play an important role in American political life for at least the next four years.”


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