Hanan Turk in her latest appearance in the midst of nature: We live in a dangerous world


The Mu’tazila actress Hanan Turk starred in her latest appearance, where she shared her audience through her official Twitter account, a new image in which she appeared with an elegant casual look amidst nature. Her comment on the image is based on the saying of the German philosopher Albert Schweitzer in which he said: “We live in a dangerous world. Rule of nature before he learns to govern himself. “

This comes after the Mu’tazila star Hanan left her followers through the Story feature on her official account on the “Instagram” site, with a new image of her, after the public welcomed her latest appearance several days ago after an absence of more than two years, since she deleted all her photos from her Instagram account in August. 2018, Hanan appeared in the new photos with a casual look and wore a jeans shirt over a white dress and a hijab in the same color, and behind her the sea.

Hanan Turk, via Twitter

Earlier, Hanan Turk sent a message to her fans and followers of the need to take care of the elderly and not embarrass them. Hanan tweeted through her Twitter account, saying: “Do not embarrass the elderly and do not test them in their memory .. greet them and say your name and know it yourself because forgetfulness is painful .. If memory betrays them, then literature does not betray us. “

The artist Hanan Turk
The artist Hanan Turk

Hanan Turk had warned her audience and followers about the fake pages bearing her name and attributed to her on the social networking site Facebook, and tweeted through her Twitter account, saying: “Unfortunately, many Facebook pages are in my name, and I am not responsible for them, and for what is published on them. This is a link to my only official Facebook page, and it is being documented, God willing. “

It is noteworthy that the last appearance of the artist Hanan Turk on television is the series “Sister Therese”, which was shown in 2012 and the work discussed the relationship between Muslims and Copts, and achieved great success through the two characters who appeared in the work events, where two characters appeared, the first Christian girl and her name Therese, and the other a Muslim girl called “Khadija”, until events reveal that they are sisters in origin.


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