Halsey attacks the GRAMMY Prize and confirms that there are bribes behind the scenes


Global superstar Halsey attacked the management awards Grammys For the year 2021, days after the official announcement of the candidates to compete for this award, during the past few days there has been a major backlash due to the exclusion of the world star’s album The Weeknd Which bears the name “After Hours The artist himself described the Grammy officials as “corrupt.”

Halsey confirmed that she was originally hesitant about speaking against “Grammy”, but she indicated that in fact “Grammy is evasive.”

Post written by Halsey

She added that the artists must be committed to presenting performances during the Grammy ceremony in order to obtain a nomination for the award, in order to help the Academy to garner millions of advertisements.

Halsey indicated that it is not always about music and singing, confirming that The Weeknd It deserves better “and also her latest album”Manic And the famous star continued: “Maybe it was inappropriate to say that, but I no longer care, while I feel the joy and enthusiasm of my talented friends who have been recognized this year and nominated, I hope for more transparency or reform.”

Halsey definitely ended her posting that she expects to be blacklisted for future celebrations due to the posting of this message.


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