Haifa Wehbe from inside the studio – with video


Published by a fan of the Lebanese artistهيفا وهبيThe one called “Karima” has a video clip of her from inside the studio, revealing new projects for Haifa, wishing her success, success and victory over anyone who deprived her of her right.
And commented on the video, saying: “Vova from inside the studio, with success in everything that is being prepared, and God willing, it will triumph over every one that has taken its right and lost it.”
It is worth noting that Haifa achieved great success recently with her series “Aswad Fatih”, which included all of the actors: Ahmed Fahmy, Sherif Salama, Sabri Fawaz, Omar Al-Saeed, Nabil Noureddine, Rania Mansour, Khaled Al-Shewi, Firas Saeed, Nasser Seif, Hussam Al-Jundi, Nancy Salah, Hanan Suleiman, Aya Mustafa, Natasha Shoufani, with a special appearance by Mu’tasim al-Nahar, with the participation of Rogina, and written by Amin Jamal, screenplay and dialogue by Sherif Yusri, Ibrahim Rabie and Hamdi al-Tayeh, directed by Karim al-Adl.


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