Griezmann: Messi told me he was angry with me when I moved to Barcelona


Barcelona player Antoine Griezmann revealed the details of Lionel Messi’s anger at him, as soon as the Frenchman arrived at the Spanish club last year.

Griezmann moved to Barcelona from Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2019, after a long series of speculation.

In statements published by the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Griezmann said: “I arrived in Barcelona a year after I rejected them. There could have been negative comments even in the clothes, from journalists, from fans, and for this reason, when I arrived, I wanted to apologize at the stadium. “.

He explained: “I spoke with Messi when I got to Barcelona. He told me that he was very angry when I refused to go to the club the first time.”

He added: “Messi explained to me the reason for his anger because he made public comments about me, and after that I refused to move to Barcelona, ​​but after that he told me that he will fight with me as long as I am in his team, and this is what I feel every day.”

Griezmann refused to move to Barcelona in 2018, before agreeing to the move a year later.

About that, Griezmann said: “The time came when I needed a change, a number of my colleagues at Atletico Madrid, like Godin and Lucas, helped me. I really felt that I was ready for a new experience and seeing other things. My wife helped me as well, it was not easy.”

In 2018 Atlético de Madrid published a documentary to announce Griezmann’s survival after a long series of speculation and his association with Barcelona club. About this, the Frenchman said: “My parents were angry at the decision and the documentary, because they preferred to say whether or not I would stay in Atletico Madrid and because they They wanted to see me in Barcelona, ​​but I wasn’t ready yet. ”


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