Google is preparing 400 games to be launched in its Stadia cloud game streaming service


Official disclosure in Google Inc. Hundreds of new games are being prepared for launch in Stadia’s cloud game streaming service, bringing its game balance to about 550 games.

According to Jack Buser, the in-service game director, there are 400 games on the map from 200 game developers. Most of these games will be available in the next year and after,

The list of new games includes about 50 games that have not yet been launched, and there are almost 100 games available on other platforms.

This statement from Google confirms the company’s commitment for at least the next two years with its gaming service, and looks forward to more years in the future depending on the platform’s performance and its ability to attract players.

The games sector is one of the largest sectors of Google, and billions of dollars are invested in it to encourage hundreds of developers to create games to serve it, or to support the service in current games.

Google has attracted a number of managers and engineers from well-established game development studios such as Ubisoft, EA, and even Sony, and it also has its own studio.


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