Google addresses the security holes … and the second patch within two weeks


Last update: 3 – November – 2020 2:31 PM

Dozens of errors in addition to a security vulnerability that is being exploited heavily, the giant company “Google” is seeking to correct it, as it issued a security update for the Chrome web browser in addition to a processor for several security flaws, and why.

Google has not announced the details of the vulnerability and the group that exploits it, as a way to allow more time for Chrome users to install updates and prevent other actors from developing a new exploitation of the same vulnerability.

Google said: The flaw is in V8, which is the Chrome component that handles JavaScript code.

The company advises users to update their browser to version (86.0.4240.183) for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Google said: Access to bug details and links is restricted until the majority of users update their browsers, and we also keep restrictions in case the error is in a third-party library on which other projects depend and has not yet been fixed.

This is the second vulnerability exploited within Chrome that Google finds during the past two weeks.

On October 20, the company released a browser security update to correct the vulnerability in Chrome’s Font View Library (FreeType) (CVE-2020-15999).

Google also revealed last week that this vulnerability was used in conjunction with a Windows operating system vulnerability named (CVE-2020-17087).

Microsoft is expected to correct this vulnerability on November 10, with the company’s next patch.


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