Gold prices in Saudi Arabia today, Monday 11/23/2020


We publish Saudi gold prices today, Monday 11-23-2020, as the price of “24 karat” gold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is about 225.04 Saudi riyals.

Gold rose today, Monday, as the weakness of the dollar and hopes for more monetary stimulus in the United States to ease the economy affected by the pandemic, optimism about the possibility of distributing a vaccine for Covid-19 next year.

Spot gold rose 0.2% to $ 1873.51 an ounce, and there was little change in the US gold futures contract at $ 1871.70.

The gold prices today in the financial markets in Saudi Arabia came in Saudi riyals as follows:

The price of 24 carat gold

About 225.04 riyals, equivalent to 60.00 $

The price of gold is 22 carat

At about 206.29 riyals, equivalent to 55.00 $

The price of gold is 21 carat

About 196.92 riyals, equivalent to 52.50 $

The price of 18 carat gold

About 168.78 riyals, equivalent to 45.00 $

The price of gold is 14 carat

About 131.27 riyals, equivalent to 35.00 $

The price of gold is 12 carat

About 112.52 riyals, equivalent to 30.00 $

The price of an ounce of gold

About 6,999 riyals, equivalent to 1,866 $

The price of the gold pound

About 1,575 riyals, equivalent to 420.03 $

The price of a kilo of gold

About 225,040 riyals, equivalent to 60,003 $


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