Global Health is raising the alarm, warning that Corona will sweep the Middle East in a deadly wave



Umit Bektas

The World Health Organization indicated that urgent tightening of restrictions is the only way to avoid many victims in a new wave of Corona virus in the Middle East.

The World Health Organization’s Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Ahmed Al-Mandhari, expressed during a press briefing from Cairo today, Thursday, his deep concern about the reduction in the countries of the region, which includes the greater part of the Middle East, the level of epidemic preparedness after lifting the general isolation measures.

Al-Mandhari pointed out that more than 3.6 million cases of corona were recorded, including more than 76 thousand deaths in the region during the past nine months, warning of an escalation of the pandemic, and urging urgent steps to be taken to prevent “this worrying prediction from turning into reality.”

He expressed particular concern about the epidemiological situation in a number of countries in the region, especially Iran, Jordan and Morocco, which have more than 60% of the infections that were detected during the last week.

Al-Mandhari also paid attention to the high rate of the epidemic in Pakistan and Lebanon, where comprehensive isolation measures were imposed earlier this week, noting that Jordan, Tunisia and Lebanon recorded unprecedented record jumps in the death toll at the regional level.

Source: Associated Press


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