Global health: Coronavirus cases are declining in Europe


وذكرت World Health Organization Of the United Nations in its latest update on the epidemic, today, Wednesday, that despite the presence of a “downward trend” in the number of cases in Europe, The region still has the largest percentage of new infections and deaths in the world.

The world organization indicated that I.Africa The highest increase in new cases and deaths was recorded, driven by cases recorded in South Africa, Algeria and Kenya.

And last week, she said World Health Organization The number of new cases reported in Europe has decreased by about 6 percent after a 10 percent decline in the previous week, indicating that lockdowns across the continent are effectively slowing transmission.

However, the region is responsible for about half of the new deaths in the world.

The number of cases decreased in Britain By about 13 percent, its first weekly decline since late August. There are around 1,600 people admitted to hospitals every day since mid-November, but that number is still far lower than the more than 3,000 patients admitted daily in early April.

In Asia, the organization noted that Japan It has reported the largest number of daily cases since the start of the outbreak, with more than 2,000 cases reported every day for five consecutive days, an increase of 41 percent from the previous week.

Myanmar reported a 74 percent jump in cases last week, with more than 11,000 new cases and a 36 percent increase in deaths, or 188 cases.


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