Ghassan Massoud to Ramadan 2021 with the series “shadow”


The Syrian star Ghassan Massoud chose to be present this year in the Ramadan race for 2021 through the series (Shadow), in his first experience in the Ramadan joint Arab drama, where he will present a different character to a man who lived a difficult past and faced the cruelty of the world in all its forms, to change the course of his life with the emergence of an event What. Does his destiny place him in front of an experience that opens up a past that he buried, and he thought it was lost forever?

Exciting stories will be covered in the series (Shadow) produced by Media Revolution 7 by Tunisian director Mohamed El-Khayari, the idea of ​​Saif Reda Hamed and the screenplay and dialogue of Zuhair Rami Al-Mulla, which the producer company had previously announced its agreement with the star Basil Khayyat and the star Youssef Al-Khal for its starring.

We recall that the series is social and relies on suspense and driven by surprising events, within a dramatic plot that converges reality in its various details.


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