Gaza Health Ministry: The situation is worsening in the third wave of the Corona outbreak


Gaza – the world of the homeland
Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, in Gaza, confirmed that the situation in the Gaza Strip is heading for the worse in the third wave of the outbreak of the Coronavirus.Al-Qudra added, during his interview with Al-Aqsa TV, that this will lead to an increase in deaths, for people without a history of disease, and of all age groups, which requires taking more preventive measures.

He stressed that the spread of the virus is expanding in the Gaza Strip, and it is putting pressure on society and the health system, indicating that his ministry is constantly reviewing its policies and procedures, and working around the clock to discourage the spread.

He explained, that the Ministry of Health has the ability to provide oxygen for 150 beds in the European Gaza Hospital, and other hospitals, but with the continuous increase in injuries, the Ministry is required to raise this readiness.

He continued: “The Gaza Strip is still registering an increasing number of injuries, and this increases the number of cases, which need various medical care,” stressing that the current stage in the framework of confronting the pandemic is response and coexistence, and they proceed in a coexistent manner.

Regarding recovery rates, Al-Qidrah affirmed that health indicators in Gaza are good, compared to global indicators, and whenever efforts are combined, we will achieve better results, pointing out that the recovery rate in the Strip has reached 58%.

Al-Qidra mourned Ahmed Muhammad Nofal, a worker at the Tal al-Sultan Martyrs Center, who died after being infected with the Corona virus.


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