GALAXY S21 Series supports Bixby digital assistant voice unlock options


A new report from SamMobile has revealed Samsung’s plans to bring the choice of “Bixby Voice” to the GALAXY S21, which will support unlocking phones with voice commands for the Bixby digital assistant.

The voice command feature of the Bixby digital assistant is back in the GALAXY S21 series, as the feature supports users of upcoming versions to give voice commands to the Bixby assistant to recognize the user’s voice, record and unlock the phone, provided that this option is available along with other options from secret digital input or Fingerprint scanning.

The lights are heading in the recent period for the upcoming GALAXY S21 series from Samsung, as the leaks have so far provided many details about the specifications of the upcoming series and the expected design for these versions.

Samsung is scheduled to present in January of next year three versions of the GALAXY S21 series, which include the flagship GALAXY S21, with the GALAXY S21 Plus, and also the GALAXY S21 Ultra.

The latest leaks indicate that users of GALAXY S21 phones will be able to send voice commands that start with the phrase “Hi Bixby” to unlock the phone, and an option called “Bixby Voice” will also be available in the security and protection settings of the phone.

It is noteworthy that choosing to unlock the phone with voice commands for the Bixby digital assistant will be one of the exclusive features of the GALAXY S21 series for a while before it goes out to support other Samsung versions of Galaxy phones through a new software update.



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