Galaxy S21 includes the biometric option Bixby Voice


It seems that a company Samsung is planning to add Bixby Voice as a new biometric option to unlock the phone with its upcoming device Galaxy S21.

And biometrics helped make it easier for users to unlock the phone, as all you have to do is place your finger on a sensor or look at your screen.

The addition of Bixby Voice as a new biometric option for unlocking the phone is said to be part of the Android 11-based One UI 3.1 user interface.

Samsung is expected to launch the new One UI 3.1 based on Android 11 With its new flagship device.

وتدعي Reports The updated user interface will be exclusive to the Galaxy S21 before it is released to more Galaxy devices.

Samsung usually releases new versions of the Android One UI through its latest flagship smartphones.

One UI 2.1 appeared for the first time with the Galaxy S20, while One UI 2.5 first appeared on the Galaxy Note 20.

The report indicates that Samsung’s voice assistant (Bixby) Bixby once provided the ability to unlock the device through voice alert features, but this feature is no longer available in Bixby.

The report said: One UI 3.1 allows you to select Bixby voice to unlock the lock from the security settings within the phone’s lock screen, but the exact details of how it works are unclear at this time.

The feature must be tested when it is released to see if it can be a viable, biometric alternative to the fingerprint sensor or facial recognition.

The voice assistant has become adept at recognizing user voice, but it is unclear whether Bixby Voice can distinguish between voice recording and real voice.

And while biometric voice authentication may be offered to unlock the phone or even lock apps, it is likely that Samsung classifies it as a weak type of authentication, that it cannot be used with digital payments.

It won’t take long before we find out what Samsung has planned, as the company is rumored to be preparing for an Unpacked event in early January, and it is then expected to learn more about the Galaxy S21 and the new features in One UI 3.1.


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