From the Pope to his historical opponent .. How to say goodbye to myths


“The Pope was informed of the death of Diego Maradona, he remembers the times he met him in past years with affection, and he remembers him in his prayers as he did in the past days when he learned of his condition,” said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

Pope Francis did not forget the times when he met Diego Maradona, and he will remember him in his prayers, with these words the Vatican mourned the departure of football legend Diego Maradona.
Diego Maradona has a special relationship with the Pope of the Vatican, as the two share the same nationality, and they have the greatest influence on their countrymen and the world more.
And Pope Francis was not the only one who mourned the departure of Maradona, on the sad day that his death was recorded, so the world’s clubs and the legends of sport came to recall their memories with the legend.
As for his historical rival, the Brazilian Pele, who brought many comparisons with Maradona, about the “greatest” in the history of football, he wrote poignant words about the departure of the strange friend.
Pele said through his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, commenting on the news: “What sad children, I lost a great friend and the world lost a legend.”
Pele completed his condolences, “I hope someday we will play football together in the sky,” a phrase that millions of people have shared on social media.
The coach of the French club Marseille, Portuguese Andre Villache Bouach, surprised the world of football when he applied to the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) to withdraw the number 10 from all the jerseys of the teams in the world, in honor of the late legend.
“Today I say goodbye to a friend and the world says goodbye to eternal genius. One of the best in history. Unparalleled magician. Leaves early, but leaves an infinite legacy and a void that will never be filled. Rest in peace,” wrote Cristiano Ronaldo, in poignant words of Maradona’s departure.
As for Lionel Messi, the current legend of Argentina, he recalls his example: “A very sad day for all Argentines and football. He leaves us, but he does not leave, because Diego is eternal.”
Even other sports legends wrote beautiful phrases about Ronaldo. Former American boxing champion Mike Tyson wrote: “Maradona left us. In 1986 we both achieved his championships, and they used them to compare us. He was my friend and role model. I respected him a lot and now I will miss him a lot.”
The “fastest man in the world”, Jamaican runner Usain Bolt, also published a beautiful picture of himself with Maradona, writing, “Rest in peace, legend.”
Condolences poured in from football clubs around the world, who published pictures of their teams facing Maradona, or Maradona wearing her shirt.

Source: Sky News


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